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The first series of Mystery Box sales (INO) events will take place from 21-Feb-2022. At this INO series, only 5,000 Mystery Box NFTs were minted, including 3,500 Rare Box NFTs, 1,475 Epic Box NFTs and especially 25 Divine Box NFTs.

Users can participate in the Whitelisting event (running from February-20 to February-28) to receive early purchase of NFTs Boxes, coupons or free Mystery Boxes. The Public Sale Round will be held on Drapia’s Marketplace and other NFT marketplaces such as NFTb, Babylons on 1st March

Each NFTs Box will randomly opened with 3 dragons of 3 rarity and 10 elements:

- 1 star: Fire — Wind — Earth — Water

- 2 stars: Thunder — Void — Metal — Wild

- 3 stars: Light — Dark

Each dragon is an NFT with its own appearance, element and attribute (Physical Attack, Attack Magic, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Strike,…)

Mystery Box NFTs

Rare Box: Get 3 Random Dragon NFTs

  • Open Rate: 94.9% 1-star | 5% 2-star | 0,1% 3-star
  • Quantity: 3.500
  • Appearance: Unique
  • Element: Random
  • Benefit: Good
  • Price: 299 BUSD

Epic Box: Get 3 Exclusive Dragon NFTs

  • Open Rate: 74% 1-star | 25% 2-star | 1% 3-star
  • Quantity: 1.475
  • Appearance: Unique
  • Element: Random
  • Benefit: Excellent
  • Price: 599 BUSD

Divine Box: Get 3 Legendary 3-star Dragon NFTs

  • Open Rate: 100% 3-star
  • Quantity: 25
  • Appearance: Unique
  • Element: Random
  • Benefit: Special
  • Price: 9.999 BUSD

Benefits of owning a Mystery Box NFT

Mystery Box NFTs are the first generation NFTs in the Drapia ecosystem, those are special and limited, only available for INO events. Consists of:

  • Completely unique appearance, stat and attribute
  • High chance to win Rare NFT
  • Special Events, Features Accessing
  • Higher Play-to-Earn Efficiency
  • Module Games Accessing
  • Alpha Game Accessing
  • Other Special Rewards

Completely unique appearance, stat and attribute

The set of shapes and stats of Dragon opened from Mystery Box NFTs is made up of a dragon body system, massive combat stats and cannot be minted.

The system of dragon body parts includes: Wings, Head, Body, Tail and Elemental system with special combat stats.

High chance to win rare NFT

All three types of Mystery Box NFTs brought 3-star Dragons unlock rate with great value and extremely small quantity (Less than 0.8% of total dragon minted in INO event)

Special Events, Features Accessing

Those purchasing and opening Mystery Box NFTs will stand a chance to participate in special events that are exclusive to owners.

The first event that players can participate in after the OPENING Mystery Box NFTs is Lucky Wheel with a total prize pool of up to $170,000 including Stable Coin and NFTs prizes.

Higher Play-to-Earn Winning Rate

Mystery Box NFTs provide owners 3 Dragon NFTs with access to Game Module and Game Alpha versions. Dragon NFTs with high levels and rarity help players gain more gifts throughout the game, helping to increase Play-to-Earn efficiency.

Join the Game Module versions

The first Game Module version will be released in March, players need to own at least 1 Dragon NFTs to join the first Game Module version and start Earning.

Join the Alpha Game version

In Q2, the Alpha version of Drapia will be released. Players meeting the requirements for the number of dragons and items will be able to participate in the Alpha and Earn game experience.

Don’t miss the chance to be one of the first to join the game.

How to join

There are many ways to own Drapia Mystery Box NFTs. Let’s follow the Roadmap of our events and find yourself opportunities:

  • 21-Feb to 28-Feb: Whitelisting Round: All players will participate in an Endless Jumping Game called ‘Windy Challenge’. During the gameplay, players will receive secret boxes and get the opportunity to open the following gifts: Preferential purchase, Coupons, Mystery Box NFTs are completely free. In addition, players can also participate in Leaderboard racing to win special gifts.
  • 28-Feb: Mystery Box NFTs Opening: Buyers who got the Mystery Box NFTs can immediately go to Inventory to open items.
  • 01-Mar: Public Round: Right after the Whitelisting round ends, Drapia will host the sale campaign of the remaining Mystery Box NTFs on Drapia’s Marketplace and other Marketplaces such as NFTb Marketplace and Babylons Marketplace.
  • Drapia Marketplace: Updating
  • NFTb Marketplace: https://nftb.io/launch/
  • Babylons Marketplace: https://babylons.io/
  • 01-Mar: Lucky Wheel: Buyers opening Mystery Box NFTs will receive the number of Lucky Wheel participations corresponding to the purchased item. Users go to the event page to check the number of entries and participate in the Lucky Wheel with a total prize of $170,000.
  • Lucky Wheel: Coming Soon
  • 10-Mar: NFTs Trading: After the Public Round ends, the remaining Mystery Box NFTs will be burned, Trading features will be available on Drapia Marketplace.
  • Drapia Marketplace: Updating

Information & FAQs

A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document has been developed to guide and inform users. Be sure to read the FAQs prior to the sale. View FAQs

Mystery Box NFTs Sale Checklist

1. Check what time you can join the sale

2. Watch the video tutorial

3. Read carefully the FAQs and the Term and Condition

4. Prepare your Metamask wallet (BSC) and add your BUSD funds

5.Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for updates.

Good luck to all Dragon Trainers,

Drapia Team.

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