DRAPIA SPOTLIGHT: Earth Dragon vs. Water Dragon

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2 min readFeb 12, 2022

Earth Dragon — The Reliable Tanker: In combat, the Earth Dragon acts as the leading Tanker, resisting the opponent’s physical attacks.

Deep in the hot desert of the Neverland continent, people wonder why there is such a unique underground labyrinth system? The tunnels are dug evenly, forming paths that go together, avoiding the sunlight. This is where the powerful Earth Dragon lives.

Being used to digging the ground to avoid heat, Earth Dragon has extraordinary health, hard skin, high resistance to physical attacks, and absorbs damage dealt to the ally by the enemy. However, due to the environment, not being used to approaching magic in the wild, both his Speed ​​and Magic Defense are very low.

Water Dragon — The Hard Support of Drapia: From the top of the highest mountain, cool waters flow across the continent, bringing fertility and restoration to Neverland. At this place is also the residence of Water Dragon, a friendly dragon who specializes in helping other residents.

Due to frequent contact with water, Water Dragon has the highest magic defense of all 1-star dragons, fast attack speed, not only that, special skills help all dragons recover from damage caused by the enemy.

During the battle, Water Dragon plays the role of Hard Support. Dragon trainers should arrange for Water Dragon to attack on turn 3 or 4, when a team member is wounded to make the best use of the healing skill.

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