Drapia - Into the Dragonverse
1 min readJan 30, 2022

Developed on the Binance Smart Chain Platform, Drapia is a dragon-raising battle video game. Drapia’s Dragons are all NFTs, and each one can be used in a variety of tasks and turn-based fights around Neverland, the kingdom of Dragons.

➖$DMV in Drapia may be used to buy and sell dragons, eggs, and other in-game commodities in the marketplace.

➖You can also stake $DMV tokens to earn rewards. Holders can participate in Drapia governance by using the DAO protocol..

➖ $DMV holders can earn incentives for helping to improve Drapia through comments and votes.

▫️Drapia’s current capabilities include the following:

➰All four varieties of dragon games’ morphology, as well as the hottest in-game movies, are now available to view on Drapia’s website.

➰Even more exciting new features will be added to Drapia in 2022, thanks to the hard work of the development team.

♦️Look out for Drapia, as well ♦️

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Drapia - Into the Dragonverse

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