Drapia - Into the Dragonverse
2 min readJan 10, 2022


2021 is a booming year for GameFi (The combination of DeFi — NFTs — Blockchain — Game, or some think that GameFi = Game + Finance), by the end of December 2021, only on the BSC platform, nearly 300 projects were implemented.

In the first stage, projects simply need a pitch deck, then raise capital from the Ventures, Capitals, Communities, conduct IDO and then develop and launch the game later. This leads to the phenomenon of “Scam” when facing a huge mountain of money, or the capacity of the development team is limited, even though sometimes the project team does not want it.

Accompanied by the downtrend of the Crypto market, 2 consecutive dumps caused the Crypto market capitalization to plummet. Many people predict that the Crypto market will go into the winter. Therefore, it will be difficult for projects to raise capital the way they did before.

Instead of that, GameFi will move to a new level. The game will be released first, then the crowdfunding part and listing on the exchanges. This will help investors confidently choose “quality” products to invest in, no longer thinking that their investment is a gamble anymore.

Understanding that, Project Drapia has a change in its strategy. Instead of deploying like many previous products, Drapia applies the Marvel Universe strategy to launch its products to investors, communities and gamers.

Drapia will introduce each game module, each module is a feature cut from the complete version. This helps investors not have to wait for a finished product for too long, can participate in game features, earn rewards such as whitelist, free box… and rest assured to wait for the release date of Drapia. .

In the near future, Drapia will launch Windy Challenge, investors, community, and gamers don’t miss it.

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Drapia - Into the Dragonverse

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