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3 min readFeb 18, 2022

Currently, most Whitelisting Events on GameFi market are held not bringing fairness to participants!

Bringing real excitement and competition to the NFT Game community, Drapia organized a whitelisting game called Windy Challenge. Whitelisting gamers can earn massive rewards such as INO whitelisting slots, Box discount coupons, especially Mystery Box NFTs, which are completely free.

Let’s dive into the details of the Windy Challenge and do not miss the chance to own the Divine Box NFTs worth 9999 BUSD.

INO Event Overview

​The first series of Mystery Box sales — INO events will take place from Feb-21–2022. At these INO events, only 5,000 Mystery Box NFTs minted in the system, including 3,500 Rare Box NFTs, 1,475 Epic Box NFTs and especially 25 Divine Box NFTs.

More detail here:

Windy Challenge

Players join the Windy Challenge — Endless Jumping Game to get opportunities to receive the following gifts: Priority rights to buy Mystery Box NFTs with discounts of 0%, 25%, 50% and 100%.

Players can also participate in Leaderboard racing to receive gifts — Free Mystery Box NFTs.

Timeline: 21-Feb to 28-Feb-2022

Website: (Coming soon)


Full Toturial:

Genre: Endless Jumping

Gameplay: Players control a Dragon to jump up and collect mysterious gift boxes, earn soul gems, scoring points in the Leaderboard. Maximum of 5 Mystery Gift Boxes that player can collect each turn.

Turn: Each new stage is 1 turn of gameplay. Each user will get 3 free turns per day, reset at 0:00 UTC daily.


Rewards can be collected when opening the mysterious gift boxes

  • Soul gem
  • Whitelisting access to Mystery Box NFTs with the discounts of:
  • 0% (original price)
  • 25% (up to $75 off)
  • 75% (up to $150 off)
  • 100% (up to $300 off)

Note: The chance to open an empty gift box is available

Rewards players receive when winning the Leaderboard:

* Leaderboard will be based on the number of soul gems collected during gameplay. For example: In one turn, the player collects 3 fire gems and 5 water gems → On the leaderboard, the user will appear with 8 points.

  • Top 1: 01 Divine Box NFT
  • Top 2–5: 01 Epic Box NFT
  • Top 6–20: 01 Rare Box NFT
  • Top 21- Top 100: 01 1-star Dragon NFT


Players winning the gifts will receive the codes that are valid for 24 hours.

Users access Drapia Marketplace, connect the wallet address same as the wallet address participating in the Windy Challenge.

Then select the appropriate Mystery Box NFTs, enter the code and proceed to payment.

Information & FAQs

A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document has been developed to guide and inform users. Be sure to read the FAQs prior to the sale.

View FAQs

Mystery Box NFTs Sale Checklist

  1. Check what time you can join the sale
  2. Watch the video tutorial
  3. Read carefully the FAQs and the Term and Condition
  4. Prepare your Metamask wallet (BSC) and add your BUSD funds
  5. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for updates.

Good luck to all Dragon Trainers,

Drapia Team.

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