INO Whitelisting Event: Windy Challenge

  • Soul gem
  • Whitelisting access to Mystery Box NFTs with the discounts of:
  • 0% (original price)
  • 25% (up to $75 off)
  • 75% (up to $150 off)
  • 100% (up to $300 off)
  • Top 1: 01 Divine Box NFT
  • Top 2–5: 01 Epic Box NFT
  • Top 6–20: 01 Rare Box NFT
  • Top 21- Top 100: 01 1-star Dragon NFT
  1. Check what time you can join the sale
  2. Watch the video tutorial
  3. Read carefully the FAQs and the Term and Condition
  4. Prepare your Metamask wallet (BSC) and add your BUSD funds
  5. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for updates.

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