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💎 In the game Drapia, there are 13 original dragons in the land of NeverLand. The first Dragons carry one of the 13 elements (Water, Fire, Light, Darkness, .etc…). However, with the breeding mechanism, Dragon trainers can create multiple generations of dragons with up to three elements. From there, help develop your army and fight to gain tokens.

💎 Each dragon in Drapia is an NFT. They have unique looks, skills, and attributes. Marketplace allows users to trade their dragons; through which players can profit from the effort and time spent playing.

Currently, Drapia is under development and will be released to players soon. Let’s look forward to the explosion of Drapia in December 2021!!!!

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Drapia - Into the Dragonverse

Drapia - Into the Dragonverse

Get started to create your own Dragon in #Drapia Metaverse. Join our Official Community: http://t.me/drapiaofficial