The Universe Was Created.

Once upon a time, heaven and earth were still connected, and the universe was a vast expanse of darkness. Everything was crammed together, so tightly that feedback was produced; in the unmoving screen’s center, a spark was born, and darkness and light were altered. When the impact was restricted, the universe erupted, ejecting an infinite number of floating addresses into the air.

Astra was created as a result of the explosion. Astra is Creation — a three-eyed power. Within Astra, a remnant of the Universe still remains, and Good and Evil are perpetually at odds for her bodies.

To escape the only gravisation by shadow, Astra chose to divide herself into three parts:

Libra is the sign of goodness and brightness.

Tera serves as the execution tool, symbolizing darkness.

The third eye transforms into the Eye Stone, endowed with boundless creativity and power.

Eternal War

Tera went to assault Libra immediately after being separated in order to tame and possess the Light. The vicious conflict continued day after day until the two collided, generating a bright explosion that destroyed Libra and Tera, transforming them into rubble that plummeted on the Continent. Wherever Libra’s pieces are gathered, the ground is flooded with light and life, and fruit blooms. Tera swallowed nature, faded, leaving just the gray of withering.

As a result of the explosion, the Eye Stone vanished into nothingness, leaving its location unclear.

With the passage of time, shards gave birth to consciousness and new races emerged. A race of fairies descended from Libra pieces, commanded by Aluna and Valkiri. They are drawn to light, poetry, and living in harmony with nature. Throughout the Continent, the Elves sowed the seeds of life.

Unlike the Elves, the Demons were created from Tera’s leftovers, commanded by the Ten Demons. They despise light and wish to ruin what the Elves have created.

The Demons assaulted the Elves, reigniting the great conflict.

The conflict wreaked havoc on the Elves. Aluna pursued the Eye Stone legends in order to free her Clan.


Aluna discovered the Eye Stone on the Continent’s edge and utilized its power to build Neverland, complete with a barrier that obscured the Demons’ sight. The Elves’ survivors are returned to Neverland.

Aluna developed a new race in Neverland to coexist with the Elves, with the hope of establishing an eternal peace in this place.

As time passed, some of the Elves’ priests were corrupted, lured by the might of darkness, and used prohibited magic to contact the Devil, revealing the location of Neverland. The demon race attacks Neverland mercilessly in an attempt to seize the Eye Stone and wreak havoc on what remains of life.

Confronted with a destructive battle, Aluna chose to sacrifice herself in order to destroy the Eye Stone. When the stone is shattered, the explosion forces the demons back into Neverland, erecting a new barrier between it and the Continent.

Thirteen bits of the Eye Stone fell to Neverland, where they merged with the Dragons, bestowing exceptional powers on the 13 Dragons. The first thirteen leaders of the Dragon Warrior were born, tasked with the responsibility of maintaining peace on Neverland.

Darkness’s Whisper

The original 13 Dragon Warriors grew into 13 Tribes over the millennia, maintaining Neverland’s peace and guarding the Eye Stone’s fragments.

However, the Demons did not abandon their ambitions; they worked day and night to corrupt the Dragons, promising endless power to anyone who listened to the night’s whispers. These corrupted clansmen formed the Eye Stone Association in the hope of collecting all 13 shards and constructing a portal that would allow the Demons to enter Neverland and take possession of what they promised.

Members of the Eye Stone Association become cursed dragons after borrowing powers from the demon race, initiating a new series of wars across Neverland to claim all 13 Soul shards.

Greetings, warrior Are you prepared to put an end to this war?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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Drapia - Into the Dragonverse

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