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3 min readJan 20, 2022

The legend of the carp turning into a dragon is an ancient myth of the Asians. When heaven and earth were first formed, it was God who made rain, wind, and lightning. Water from rain forms rivers and seas, and creatures living in water are naturally created by God and from there form everything on Earth.

Later, because Heaven was busy with creating humans and stopped making rain and wind, they sent dragons, which are animals in heaven, hovering in the air and spraying water on earth to make rain. But because the number of dragons in the sky is limited, it is not enough to make rain everywhere, so God has set up a selective contest for animals to become dragons, called “dragon contest”.

Shining down from Heaven to the Aquarium, The Sea King is the king who oversees the work in the water, announcing to all the creatures living in the water that they compete for the exam. The contest consists of three periods, each period must pass a wave, any animal that is strong enough, talented enough, and passes all three waves to pass to become a dragon.

Over the course of a month, many aquatic species came to compete but were eliminated. There is a perch that can jump over one wave, and then fall down the next time. There was a shrimp that jumped over two waves, thinking that it was about to become a dragon, but in the third wave, it was exhausted, so it fell down, from which the back of the shrimp was bent. As time went on, species after species tried unsuccessfully, until a special carp appeared.

This carp is special because it has a precious gem in its mouth. The god of wind, seeing that was strange, immediately flew to see, causing the wind and clouds to rush in, thunder and lightning, and high waves arose. The carp was lifted up by the high waves, passed once through three waves, released pearls, crossed Storm Gate and turned into a Dragon.

The meaning of the image of a carp turning into a dragon

It can be seen that all aquatic creatures want to overcome Storm Gate, because when they do, they will become heavenly dragons and live immortally in a majestic and radiant shape. However, not all animals are like carp, nor are all carp possessing precious gems and having enough qualities to overcome star waves, deep water, weather storms and lightning to be able to survive and turn into a dragon.

It is like in our life, everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to stand on the top of glory, achieve noble things, but not everyone is a “carp turning into a dragon”, not everyone can also step to success. Only those who carry in themselves the most elite qualities, together with hard work and perseverance, can reach glory, can successfully “turn into dragons”.

The image of a carp turning into a dragon crossing Storm Gate carries a lot of feng shui meanings as well as a profound human meaning and it is also thanks to the meanings below that the ancients chose carp as a mount to bring The Gods of Kitchen back to the Jade Palace to worship King of Heaven in the last days of the year. The meanings of the carp turning into a dragon are:

  • Valuable qualities (with jade in the body) make a difference to all species, and have abundant health.
  • Sacrifice, perseverance, willingness to face challenges and pain to achieve the dream of becoming a dragon. Courage to overcome difficulties and obstacles, courage to overcome difficulties.
  • The image of a carp turning into a dragon is also the crystallization of luck, success, victory, and is also a symbol of aspiration for success.
  • The carp turned into a dragon sprayed water, making the land fertile, the trees green, bringing life to all species, a symbol of affluence, warmth and happiness.

Therefore, nowadays, people often like to give presents with the image of a carp turning into a dragon to partners, customers, business people, and students preparing to enter university exams… to wish them health, luck, and success.

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